From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship

Kareem’s path to Safer Foundation’s Crossroads ATC began after spending 20 years in prison, having entered the system at the age of 20. Kareem was released just last July and greatly thanks Crossroads for providing him with a second chance. Adjusting to life outside bars can be fearful, but Kareem mentions that with the structured support provided by the center, he found his footing. The daily structured environment at Crossroads ATC eased his transition, making the overwhelming seem manageable.

A memorable moment during Kareem’s time at the ATC was securing his first job, a milestone that marked the beginning of his transformation. With the support and resources provided by Crossroads, Kareem began shaping his dream of owning a trucking business. He saved money, structured his plan, and turned his vision into reality.

The idea of entrepreneurship was planted in Kareem’s mind at the age of 30, while he was still incarcerated. Focused on his future, Kareem sought to identify a business that would be lucrative and aligned with his skills and background. Recognizing the potential for success in the trucking industry, he studied the ins and outs of the business. With determination, Kareem’s dream became a reality when his trucking business officially launched in February.

Kareem completed his first truckload in November of the same year and is now in the process of expanding his fleet with the purchase of a second truck. His future plans include partnering with Safer Foundation to inspire residents at Crossroads about careers in trucking and entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on his journey, Kareem offers advice to others with arrest and conviction records who seek to start their own businesses. He emphasizes the importance of remaining open-minded, seeking advice from others, and embracing continuous learning. Kareem’s story serves as inspiration for those facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with perseverance and support, anything is possible.

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