Second Chance Month

April marks Second Chance Month, a nationally recognized observance since 2017. It is a time dedicated to raising awareness of the significance of granting individuals with arrest and conviction records the opportunity to rebuild their lives. This month emphasizes the importance of reentry for both individuals and communities, serving as a platform to highlight the promising initiatives across the nation that aim to improve reentry outcomes.

In the United States, approximately one in three adults have a criminal record. Each year, more than 650,000 individuals are released from State and Federal prisons, contributing to a total of over 70 million Americans with a history of involvement in the criminal legal system. However, the journey of reintegration into society for these individuals is filled with obstacles. Securing stable employment, housing, healthcare, education, and other essentials becomes a difficult task for those with a record. As a result, nearly 75 percent of formerly incarcerated individuals remain unemployed a year after their release.

Safer Foundation is dedicated to supporting individuals with criminal records by providing tailored services designed for individuals to have a successful reentry into society. At Safer Foundation our vision revolves around fostering equal employment opportunities for those impacted by the criminal legal system, thereby enhancing the socio-economic well-being of individuals, their families, and the community at large. Safer Foundation adopts a holistic approach to reentry, offering comprehensive job readiness training and placement services, educational opportunities, and ongoing support for reentry as well as health and wellness.

As we recognize Second Chance Month this April, let us come together to raise awareness and extend our support to the 70 million Americans striving for a brighter future despite the challenges they face. Join us in celebrating Second Chance Month by taking action today. Share this blog post and the rest of our social media postings throughout the month to spread awareness. Also, consider making a donation today.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals seeking a brighter future and create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.