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Let’s work together to find the job for you—from immediate employment to a lifelong career.

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When you come to Safer Foundation, we meet you where you are on your journey to reentry. That means assessing your strengths, skills, and needs to guide you on the best path forward.


Whether you are newly released, currently incarcerated, or have been back in society for an extended time, there’s a Safer Foundation job readiness and placement program that fits your unique goals, qualifications, and skillset.

Immediate Employment

Immediate Employment

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Long-Term Employment

Long-Term Employment

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Career Building

Career Building

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Immediate Employment

Transitional employment offers the unique opportunity to earn a wage while gaining skills that lead to self-sufficiency and success in the workplace. We combine time-limited, wage-paid work experience, job skills training, and supportive services to help you overcome barriers to employment.

Long-Term Employment

Find long-term employment in a career you enjoy with hands-on training and job placement assistance based on your goals, interests, and skills.

Career Building

Make your way up the career ladder with the help of our career-building enterprises. We work in tandem with our workforce development partners to create opportunities to advance your career in high-paying occupations and industries.

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How can I get a job?

We are confident that our team can match your skills to an employer. It may not be your ideal job, but we’d encourage you to think of it as the starter role.

What kind of job can I get through Safer?

We will work to find you the best opportunity we can to get you back in the workforce. However, we’ll continue to work with you toward the next best job as your skills advance.

How long will it take for me to find a job?

It depends on your needs and the path you choose. For clients who need immediate employment, we offer Rapid Transitional Employment in a range of starting positions. For clients who want to build lifelong careers, we offer a variety of professional employment options. Please talk to our employment specialists. They can tell you how long it will take to get to where you want to be.

I came to Safer before and they didn’t help. Why should I come back?

We are continually upgrading our processes and expanding our partnerships. Programs change and people change, but our commitment to helping is stronger than ever because the need is greater than ever. Let’s try again!

I have work experience. Do I have to go through the entire job readiness process?

We use evidence-based best practices and create plans tailored to each individual client. If you have prior training, you may be able to expedite the process.

I don’t have reliable transportation. Is that a problem?

While a challenge to address, lack of a vehicle is not a problem. Transportation assistance is available when necessary.

What makes Safer different?

We’ve supported justice-involved individuals for over 50 years and can truly say we will work to help anyone who wants to better their lives. We continually modify existing programs and build new programs based on the needs and input of the people we serve.

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