Reentry Support + Wellness

Lean on a support system within the justice-involved community to create a stable road for reentry navigation.

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a comprehensive approach to wellness

An Intellectual and Emotional Framework for Reentry

Safer Foundation’s reentry support and wellness interventions and services build an intellectual and emotional framework for successful reentry based on your unique needs discovered in our client assessment process.

Our mental health reentry programs build a supportive network for the justice involved, allowing you to overcome logistical hurdles to reentry, enhance your emotional intelligence, decode and challenge false narratives, and develop new strategies, resilience, and motivation when navigating the road ahead.

Immediate Help

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Behavioral health

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Legal Assistance

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Housing SUpport

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Immediate Stabilization

Through initiatives like the Supportive Reentry Network Collaborative, we help get you back on your feet by addressing your most immediate needs with a full suite of reentry programs, resources, and ongoing counseling. Browse below to learn how we can help with those first steps on the road ahead or contact our hotline at (773) 275-0423.

Behavioral Health

Build a stable environment for your reentry success with services that span anger management classes to substance use counseling.

Housing Support

Safer Foundation seeks to fill the gaps in making affordable housing. Beginning with Focus Housing in 2007, we have built multi-unit properties that are clean, well-managed places that people are proud to call home. More recently, we have been acquiring properties that we remodel and make available to the marketplace, as well as justice-involved persons. In addition, our RTP Construction Company provides development and remodeling services to increase affordable housing stock in communities that need it most.

Additional Services

Find immediate employment upon reentry with Safer’s vetted workforce development partners.
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Discover the right Safer Foundation program for your education and job training needs.
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