The Safer Demand Skills Collaborative® (SDSC) is an employer-driven initiative of public and private partners working together to train and place our clients into high-demand, higher-paying occupations. SDSC is: 

  • Research-driven to provide a deeper understanding of the Labor Market, needs, issues and potential solutions 
  • Employer-driven to ensure clients are qualified and trained to specifications. 

SDSC equips clients with education and market-driven job training that lead to industry recognized credentials and living wage employment. SDSC utilizes hubs where clients can access Safer support services essential to long-term job placement in career pathways. In addition, supports such as transport to training or work, and where appropriate, income subsidies may also be provided to reduce the burden on employers when hiring. 

SDSC is an innovative, market-driven solution to unemployment. Join the Collaborative today! 

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