Each year, thousands of people with criminal records are released back into society. Improving their employment outcomes gives them the best chance at successful reentry. Safer Foundation is here to help those who have been involved in the criminal justice system and are struggling to find a job.

Safer clients seeking employment can expect:

Orientation and Intake

Clients go through a group orientation and intake session, where they complete a pair of assessments that help identify barriers to employment (financial, emotional, physical, lack of education/training, etc.) as well as potential skills or interest that could direct the job-search process. Intake specialists make sure clients understand the time and effort it takes to get their lives back on track.

Supportive Services

Safer clients in need of or mandated to access specific treatment, such as programs for substance abuse, anger management or other mental health services, are directed to Safer’s Supportive Services. They must successfully complete the required assessments before beginning the Employment and Retention process and job-readiness training.

Employment and Retention Services

With the help of Safer staff, clients begin the task of obtaining and maintaining employment upon reentry. The majority of clients are referred to a job-readiness program, where they learn how to fill out an application, develop a resume and prepare for an interview. Meanwhile, Safer Sector Managers are cultivating relationships with prospective employers.

Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)

Safer offers residents with criminal records and their families assistance in achieving economic stability, including help growing their personal assets. Our FOC provides financial counseling, sound financial principles, and debt reduction assistance.

Community-Based Services are offered at:
Chicago Headquarters
808 Community Office
Belmont Cragin Office
Rock Island, IL 
South Holland, IL