Generally, Social Enterprises are for profit or non-profit organizations that function as competitive businesses in various industries BUT have a positive social impact goal. A social enterprise can be measured by what is referred to as a double or triple bottom line; profitability, social benefit and environmental sustainability and friendliness.

  • Pivotal Staffing℠ 
  • Reconstruction Technology Partners℠ 
  • Safer Counseling & Wellness Center

As a non-profit organization, Safer Foundation launched Safer Social Enterprises℠ to explore business opportunities which will enable us to achieve two primary goals 1) Create new employment opportunities for Safer clients and 2) Save money and/or generate new revenues for Safer Foundation.

The focus of the financial goal is to generate revenue that gives us greater flexibility with how it can be used. This is referred to as “Unrestricted Revenue” versus “Restricted Revenue”, which can only be used for specific program related purposes identified in a grant or donation.