Safer Foundation Has the Solution to Your Hiring Needs

Recruitment Services and Support

If you could spend less time and money filling positions over and over again, what would that mean for your business?

Safer Foundation has been providing reliable workers to businesses for more than 43 years. Our goal is to help streamline the hiring process so you can concentrate on your business. Hiring our candidates mean you reduce the time spent searching, minimize turnover and incur significantly lower recruiting costs.

At Safer, our job developers have industry experience and relationships to ensure businesses and candidates are successful. We proactively develop long-term business partnerships that result in more than just a job – we help candidates build careers.

Our pre-screened candidates are available for interview and immediate hire in:

  • Manufacturing, Warehousing and Transportation
  • Construction, Weatherization and Grounds Maintenance
  • Hospitality and Food service
  • General Office

Whether you hire directly or outsource through Pivotal Staffing, LLC*, Safer candidates are prepared to meet the needs of your business – And, our pre-employment legwork will help you stop the revolving door of hiring.

Safer’s job isn’t done when a candidate gets hired. We continue to monitor performance and provide ongoing support to both employee and employer. You will find that our candidates are ready, willing and able to do the best job for your business.