Anger Management

Anger is a learned behavior that can be changed. Safer Foundation clients often have unresolved anger issues that can hinder them from obtaining and/or maintaining employment. To help them develop strategies to effectively manage anger and aggression, Safer offers a court-approved anger management class taught by a Certified Anger Management Specialist employing cognitive behavior therapy methods:

Safer Foundation’s Anger Management class covers:

  • Psychological Effects of Incarceration
  • Orientation to Intervention
  • Intervention for Anger Management and Domestic Violence
  • Impacting Abuse
  • Impacting the Process
  • Skill Building
  • Group Facilitation
  • Group Intervention Issues

COTA – Council of Thought and Action

Safer Foundation began implementing COTA in 2014. COTA programming introduces a different intellectual and emotional framework to clients, allowing them to enhance their emotional intelligence, decode and challenge false narratives and develop new strategies, resilience and motivation in approaching the work necessary to successful reentry.

Drug Intervention

In order to take advantage of Safer Foundation employment services, clients must be drug free. Safer employs drug-intervention strategies to help clients get on track.